1.  Where does Ohhh So Swag ship to?

Our store ships to Canada and the United States only.


2.  If I've ordered multiple products, can I have them arrive as one order?

We use different suppliers, depending on the product and the supplier's expertise. Therefore if your order contains a mix of products, they may arrive at different times, and from different locations.


3.  Is there free shipping?

Yes, for orders from Canada and the Continental US with a total order value of $100 or more pre-tax, and after discounts.



4. Do you offer returns or refunds?

We offer refunds or replacements within 21 days of delivery, as set out in our Refund Policy

Since our products are made to order for our customers, we do not keep an inventory of products.  We therefore do not accept returns or exchanges.  Refunds and replacements are offered instead.


5. I have a couple of discount codes I haven't used yet, from a previous offer.  Can I combine them in one order?

No, codes and promotional discounts cannot be combined or stacked in the same transaction.  Only one active code or discount can be used in a single transaction. 

If you have more than one active code, feel free to use the best one first and save the other(s) for another time!


6.  What happens if an item is sold out or goes out of stock?

If we are notified after you’ve placed an order that the base product is out of stock, we will reach out to you and present options for you to consider, which may include choosing to wait for the item to return to stock or cancelling your order.



7.  How long do items take to ship?

Every item you order is made after you have placed the order. Orders are typically made within 2 to 7 business days

Delivery times account for the time to make your product(s), then time to ship your product(s) to you.

Normal delivery times vary from 5 to 30 business days, depending on the item, where you are located, and if the shipment is a cross-border delivery.  The longer delivery window between 15 and 30 days is more likely to occur for custom cut and sewn products.  However, our experience is that deliveries of over 15 business days is uncommon.

Different items are made from different suppliers, so parts of your order may arrive at different times.


8.  Is there any way to speed up delivery times, and avoid or reduce duty fees?


We have Ships from Canada and Ships from the US collections to help you decide how to shop. You can therefore view and order our products by Region.  See the SHIPS FROM category in our main menu. The Region reflects where the order is shipped from.

For example, if you are in the US, you may wish to view and order items from only our Ships from the US collection.

You're always welcome to shop outside your Region for more choices! Just keep in mind that duty fees may be charged to you by your country's Customs on certain items from the other Regions, at their discretion.


9.  How can I preserve the print quality on my shirts, hoodies and other apparel?

Follow the care instructions in our product descriptions. They may vary from product to product, but it's generally recommended to machine wash items inside out, in cold water, and with like colours to prolong colour vibrancy and strength of the fabric.


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