About Us

Ohhh So Swag is a custom designs brand that offers streetwear and other eye-catching products with bold graphics, bright patterns and graffiti aesthetics.

Our online store is a beautifully eclectic mix of quality apparel featuring custom stylish and trendy designs for men, women and kids.

Ohhh So Swag's designs are generally inspired by:

  • an intense love for music and dance; an admiration and respect for those who fully own who they are and believe in themselves even when others doubt them; swag energy; and a strong hustle mentality 
  • the comfort of faith to lean on when you question yourself, your next steps, or what lies ahead in life; 
  • the coquette aesthetic - we love the red lips look!
  • street aesthetics; urban flair; and, of course, hip hop and Canadian, American and Caribbean culture 

    Our designs are intended to stand out and to spark curiosity.


    Our Overall Mission
    To promote authenticity and fun self-expression through street-inspired, bold and versatile designs.





    Apparel on our website, Shops App store, Facebook and Instagram Shops and Google are sold in Canada and the US.  

    Fun Facts!

    Ohhh So Swag was a featured brand at the Super Chic Toronto Fashion Week showcase on April 14, 2024 in Toronto.

    Ohhh So Swag was also a featured brand at Super Chic Toronto Swim Week on July 7, 2024 in Toronto.


    Ohhh So Swag is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    • Be Bold.

    • smiling-edgy-woman-wearing-plaid-shirt-over-red-lips-sweatshirt-Ohhh-So-Swag

      Stand Out.

    • Spark Curiosity.