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Ohhh So Swag™: How a New Streetwear Brand Is Breaking the Rules and Making a Statement

Hi! My name is Sancia. I’m the creator and designer behind Ohhh So Swag™. It’s a pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance. 

Recently, I posted an article on LinkedIn explaining what inspired the creation of Ohhh So Swag™.  

My article also talks about what prompted me to take a huge leap of faith to quit my stable law job, to pursue my creative passions full-time. Many of us have thought about it from time to time! I certainly did, and felt I had found the right time, and the right motivations, to make a firm move.

What is Ohhh So Swag™? 

Ohhh So Swag™ is an online retailer and custom designs brand that offers streetwear clothing, other apparel, bags, home decor, pet supplies, tech accessories and drinkware with bold graphics, patterns and graffiti aesthetics. Our custom designs are generally centred around embracing self-confidence; expressing love for music; practising grit and determination to achieve goals; and affirming faith. 


Our apparel designs are stylish and versatile, and are mostly unisex. Our streetwear fashions can easily be dressed up, dressed down, mixed and matched, and are intended to be carried with swag and confidence. 

Bold streetwear style, graphics and patterns are the backbone of our brand, driven largely by a love for hip hop culture and an appreciation for the graffiti aesthetic. 

Who Can Wear Streetwear? 

Anyone can wear streetwear. Literally anyone can rock it. It’s really about the attitude behind the fashion. If you see a streetwear piece you like, and you feel you can wear it and pair it, you’re good to go.  

Straight up, I’m proudly in my forties and I, my friends, and my younger generation family all wear streetwear with swag. It’s about how you feel when you wear it – not who is wearing it. 

Streetwear is for all ages, all races and cultures, and all levels of sophistication. There is no restriction or limit on who can or should wear it. Of course, one shouldn’t wear streetwear to an office party or a formal event. Common sense about style rules – there’s a time and a place for everything. 

With that in mind, we offer streetwear for women, streetwear for men, and streetwear for kids. 


The only real prerequisite for wearing streetwear, in my humble opinion, is that you feel comfortable wearing it – because one can only wear something with confidence if they truly feel comfortable in it. 

Go ahead and check out @ohhhsoswag on Instagram for inspiration on different ways to wear Ohhh So Swag™. 

What is Ohhh So Swag’s Mission and Motivation? 

We want to build up others and encourage people to maintain a mentality that keeps them moving forward and believing in themselves, their abilities, their talents, their knowledge – and nurturing their self-worth. 

Ohhh So Swag™ encourages exuding an air of confidence that isn't permeable, and isn’t even fully identifiable, because it's the best kind – the quiet kind. It's the kind of confidence that doesn't need to shout or show off. It's the kind that does the talking for you in how you carry yourself, what you do and achieve, and how you treat others.  

I'm no expert on the matter; I’m just speaking from some lived experiences and observations.  Many of us, including me, struggle at times with a lack of confidence in certain areas. Thankfully, I’ve learned that can be overcome.    


Yes, that’s my bracelet. It’s a tangible reminder to believe in myself when I need it. I never take it off.  

I also have a biblical tattoo that reminds me that “with God, all things are possible”. 

Sometimes positive self-talk, prayer, moral support from loved ones, visions and tangible reminders or wearable hype pieces are all you need.  

Oh, and how can I forget one of my secret weapons – hype music!  

Some of us rely on all of the above, or different combinations and permutations.  Does it matter?   Whatever works for you, do that, and keep that in your back pocket as your go-to, to keep pushing and keep grinding.  Our I Came to Wreck Shop collection was made with that in mind. 



Hype Tracks! 

We can't close this out without listing some of our favourite Hype Tracks:  

  1. Swagga Like Us: Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & T.I. 
  2. Shining: DJ Khaled ft Beyonce and Jay-Z 
  3. Champion: Kanye West 
  4. I'm Good: Clipse ft Pharrell Williams  
  5. I'm All the Way Up: Fat Joe, French Montana, Remy Ma 

Until next time, 


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